Our approach to providing competition business solutions has always been clear: if the tool we’re looking for doesn’t exist, then we’ll build it.

The result, over years of experience, is a toolbox full of bespoke, custom-created solutions all of which are purpose-built for the competition and raffle industry. And, because our tools are so specialised, we’ve built them to deliver the very best results for your business.

  • Instant Wins
  • Discount Offers
  • Reveal The Winner
  • PDF Entry List
  • Upsell Tools
  • Health Checker
  • Sequential Ticket Numbers
  • Responsibility Controls
  • Zap Calculator
  • ZapLabs

Instant Wins

The Instant Win feature is a staple of many competition and raffle websites, which is very flattering because we were the first digital agency to build an Instant Wins tool. As one of the first tools that we built, this feature not only lets you stand on equal footing with other sites, but is also a great draw for your audience.

Discount Offers

For eCommerce websites, a discount offer is a matter of course. For competition and raffle websites, implementing a discount feature means significantly more background work, to make sure the offer applies right, to the right raffle, and without being abusable.

That’s why our Discount Offer tool exists, so when you apply a discount to your competition, everything carries on running smoothly.

Reveal The Winner

Our toolbox is full of some tools which increase usability, and others which promote customer retention. Our Reveal The Winner tool is designed for the end result, the moment of truth – the live draw.

This tool is a specialised internal web page built into your website which offers the ability to live-pick a winner, using Google’s Random Number Generator. The system has been tested and perfected to be both fool-proof and tamper-proof, meaning that you – and your thousands of competition participants, can get the result in real-time and with perfect confidence.

PDF Entry List

When it comes to online competitions, transparency is key. Your audience needs to be confident in your service, which means that you need to be confident in ours. Our PDF Entry List Tool allows you to display a list of all ticket numbers issued – so customers can check they are on the list and be assured you are playing fair.

You’ll also be able to automatically generate a PDF list of all tickets when the competition closes. The entry list will automatically be displayed on the front-end of the website and can be included in marketing emails.

Responsibility Controls

Responsibility Controls is a feature-rich addon that aims to strike a balance between an enjoyable competition experience and players’ well-being by offering a range of self-regulatory tools. Within a dedicated section in their account, customers can set spending limits on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. They can also opt for self-exclusion periods, ranging from one week to an entire year, during which their account access will be temporarily restricted. For administrators, the plugin includes the option to lock customer accounts upon request or due to problematic behaviour, adding an extra layer of safety and demonstrating your commitment to safeguarding your customers’ well-being.

Upsell Tools

Our Upsell Tool is a Swiss Army Knife of pop-up features, all designed to encourage visitor retention and help you upsell your competitions.

Cross-sell Pop-up

Allows you to trigger a pop-up that displays after the user adds tickets to their basket, showing a featured or related competition that the user might also want to take part in.

Exit Pop-up

Displays a pop-up when the customer goes to leave the page. This can improve your website’s bounce rate (when a visitor leaves without interacting with anything), as well as providing an additional and final opportunity to reach out to visitors.

Time Delay Pop-up

Triggers a pop-up after a user has been on the page for a predefined time. This gives your visitors time to read about a competition and its prizes before reaching out to them with more promotions.

Health Checker

We’re confident that we produce the best competition and raffle sites in the business. But we also know that no system is perfect - ours included. That’s where our Health Checker comes in. It monitors the ticket database of every competition you run, so it can flag any issues before they become problems.

Missing Tickets

Orders with tickets that don’t exist in the ticket database

User Issues

Tickets in the database without an associated order

Order Issues

Failed/cancelled orders that have been assigned a ticket

Orphaned Tickets

Users with more tickets than the competition allows

Zap Calculator

Imagine a calculator that worked out all your costs for prizes, advertising, profits, and more! Imagine a calculator that helped you understand where you can scale your business. This unique calculator does exactly that.

What we love about the calculator is you get to understand what worked well and what didn't so you can make better decisions with each draw. Once you have your own data the calculator gets more accurate with each draw. It also keeps everyone accountable because everything is planned out right in front of you.


We’re constantly updating and improving our Tools, and working on adding new ones to improve our service. That way we can continue to provide the best package of solutions, tools and services.

Sequential Ticket Numbers

For those looking to host a large competition featuring limitless ticket allocations, our Sequential Ticket Numbers functionality has got you covered. Perfect for top-tier rewards like yachts, luxury homes, and premium sports cars, this feature generates consecutive ticket numbers rather than random ones, offering unlimited tickets per competition and tickets per user.

Upcoming Features

We're constantly building new features, tools and games and staying ahead of everyone else. That's what you get from your investment in us, knowing an agency is just as committed as you. We were the first agency to build automated instant wins and have more features than any other competition agency.