Our Competition Platform is the nucleus of our digital offering. It’s packed full of custom plugins which are specifically designed to promote reliability and responsiveness on competition websites. If each competition website we build is a supercar, then our Platform is the turbocharged V8 engines under the hood.

Early in our journey, we discovered that most website plugins, both
Wordpress-created and built by other digital agencies, are resource-heavy and unable to cope with an unexpected rise in the numbers of customers. With our expertise in designing and managing competition websites, as well as listening closely to feedback from our clients, we focused on how we could better support competition businesses. The result is our own suite of plugins specific to this industry, built to withstand the challenges that other plugins could not.

Our Competition Platform, along with the Pop-Up and Entry List plugins, offers a seamless operational experience by:

  • Reducing the time spent on vital recurring tasks
  • Promoting a high quality and retentive customer experience
  • Driving ticket sales across all your digital platforms
  • Collecting and analysing important data to monitor and build your performance
  • Improving your website with the latest updates and features

*Our plugins are not available as a standalone product and come as part of our complete web solutions service. Please request a proposal if you would like to know about our services.

Platform Features

Random Ticket Numbers

Our unique system ensures extra fast queries and automatically assigned random ticket numbers, with absolutely no chance of duplication.

End Date/Time

Once you choose an end time for your competition, the plugin will automatically close and display a link to the live draw.

Draw Date/Time

Schedule new competitions and our plugin will automatically remove old competitions from the front-end of the website.

Manual Control

Manually assign tickets to users and notify them by email. You can also manually suspend ticket sales and display information as to why.

Maximum Ticket Numbers

Specify the maximum number of tickets available on each competition as well as the maximum number of tickets per user.

Countdown Timer

Display a timer that counts down to the competition close date, encouraging your users to act fast in order to win.

Default Basket Quantity

Encourage users to buy more tickets by setting the default basket quantity. The user can still increase/decrease this number if they wish.

Ticket Count & Progress Bar

Get the option to display a running total of tickets sold and a progress bar showing remaining tickets updated in real-time.

Multiple Choice Entry Question

Ensure your competition meets the skill-based requirements by displaying a multiple choice question.

Export Results

Export the results to a CSV spreadsheet, to use for your live draws or to keep a record of all entries to past competitions.

View Ticket Numbers

Users will receive their ticket numbers by email but will also be able to view them via their ‘My Account’ section on their website.

Rules and FAQs

Display your default rules and FAQs as standard, with the option to customise for a specific competition using the override system.