Now you have the customers, how do you keep them playing on your website?

Players interests can fluctuate from month to month but the fact remains that it’s more cost-effective to bring that customer back to play than aquire a new one.

Minimising player churn is key for growth and getting you to run your competitions and raffles successfully. Getting your customers to spend more money shouldn’t be difficult with the right tools and strategies in place.

Player Retention Features

Points & Rewards

Give something back for players spending their cash. The more you give back, the more they spend.

Player Database Segmentation

Build lists to understand what customers buy and when they buy and then give them what they want.

Personal Emails for Best Players

Recognition goes a long way. In fact, so much so we’ve seen an increase of customer retention when competition websites interact one to one with their players.

New Ways to Win

Since we’re building more features, tools and games than any other company, your customers don’t get bored and see something new on your site on a regular basis.

Bonuses & Discounts

The more chances a customer has to win, the more they will spend money.

Game Diversity

Most players will only play the same comp for a while before moving on somewhere else. Creating new games means they’ll stick around for even longer.