We are the UK’s leading competition and raffle digital agency. With so much digital noise vying for attention, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd unless your website comes along with effective, impactful marketing. Well, it can.

Our services cover everything from Facebook Ads and SMS marketing to social media and email marketing. We know what it takes to create effective campaigns that drive results. And we don’t just stop at creating campaigns – we monitor and optimise them constantly to ensure you get the best return on investment possible.

The importance of effective marketing in the current age of flash advertising and flooded inboxes can’t be overstated. It’s vital that you get the right level of marketing so that you can grow your business.

Our marketing packages are designed with that in mind. We’ve developed a comprehensive range of marketing packages, each designed to push your business and its audience forward. With frequent reviews and a grow-as-you-grow mechanic, your marketing package will grow as you do, making sure that you’re always getting the very best for your money.

Our “grow as you grow” model has been specifically designed to offer you the perfect marketing services at each stage of your business’s growth. That way you’re not reaching further than you can handle, you’re not paying more than you need to, and we’re not wasting time with strategies that don’t work as well.

We think of it like a ladder – as your audience and business reach new heights, so your marketing increases to match. We start you out on the step of the ladder we feel is most useful to you, and then get to work building your reach.

Marketing Features

Accounts Setup

We’ll set up all the accounts and platforms that you’ll need for effective marketing campaigns as well as your RMG (Real Money Gaming) Application.


We’ll introduce you to the ins-and-outs of your marketing offering, using a combination of training calls, knowledgebase articles, and courses. More info below.

Launch Planning

We’ll help you get ready for the big day with marketing plans and analytics so you’ll have a good idea of how to maximise your launch day.

Email Marketing

Our marketing team will create bespoke, stand-out emails for your competitions, in a tried-and-tested progression to maximise your audience’s interest.

Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Ads

As your business grows, the focus on your larger competitions increases. Your audience will start to solidify from single-time users to repeating customers, so an Evergreen campaign will increase brand awareness (while other ads continue to generate excitement for your draws).

SMS & Push Notifications

Similar to email marketing, SMS and push notifications offer a direct source of marketing for your audience so we can tailor each message to your audience, which drives retention.

Google Ads

Your brand will have been hitting top SEO marks long before now - so we’ll take you on the next step of your Google Search journey by creating and upkeeping a Google Ads account and campaign for your business.

Marketing Support

As your audience grows and you climb through the ranks of our Marketing Packages, naturally the level of support you’ll require will grow as well.

Live Slack Channel

All our marketing Packages give you access to a dedicated marketing Slack channel. This is where you can chat with the team, getting insight into how we’re working to build your marketing.

Competition Calendar

The Competition Calendar will allow you to think three steps ahead with your business, planning the month’s competitions in advance.

Check-In Call

As well as handling your marketing efforts, we’ll set up a monthly (fortnightly for Enterprise) check-in call with you, to make sure our visions are aligned with yours.

Our Competition Courses & Training

If you've never started a business like this before or even if you're not experienced in the competition industry, our courses and training is necessary for you to understand the nuisances between making money or not.

Email Lists & Automation Training Call

They say "The money is in the list" but you need to nurture that list so you can maximise the spend of every user as well as not overspend on emails.

ROAS Calculator Introduction

Imagine a calculator that worked out all your costs for prizes, advertising, profits, and more! Imagine a calculator that helped you understand where you can scale your business. This unique calculator is given to every client we have.

Social Media Marketing Course

Users are sick of seeing "Win this" or "Win that" type of posts on social media. Be unique by creating posts that engage with users. There are so many other ways to communicate with your audience, this course helps you towards that goal.