Our robust, responsive websites deserve a server to match, and our Upgrade-as-needed system not only ensures that your site can handle its traffic, but also saves you money.

While your website is being built, we’ll be researching into the perfect package to start you off with, aiming for a server that comfortably fit your needs at the time. As your audience grows, we’ll upgrade your package so that there’s no risk of your website crashing.

We may also temporarily increase your server’s capacity for traffic spikes. It’s important that you keep us informed of any marketing campaigns (i.e. email blasts, going viral on social media) so that we can do our best to keep your site speedy and functioning at optimum performance.

This is essential for competition businesses who want to deliver on a great customer experience and don’t want to risk losing any customers.

Poor web hosting can result in slow loading times, poor security and frequent website crashes. For your competition business, this translates to lost ticket sales, disgruntled customers and a poor reputation.

Platform Features

Fully managed AWS server

If you want the best for your competition site, you need the best hosting on the market, which is why we use fully optimised AWS servers.

24/7 365 support

Our hosting partner has round the clock support, so even when we’re not at our desk, your site is being looked after.

Server side caching

We have three layers of caching to ensure both the front and back ends of your site run as quickly as possible, by utilising Redis, Varnish and Cloudflare.

Premium Object caching

We utilise Object Cache Pro, a system developed specifically for pure performance and highly optimised for WooCommerce.

Image Optimisation

Images are the most commonly accessed resource on your website. We ensure image sizes are reduced to a reasonable size, without affecting quality.

Daily Back-ups

We ensure daily backups are taken of your site, so that if the worst happens, we don't need to go too far back to get you back online.

SMTP E-mail Relay

We employ a dedicated relay for the sending of mail from your site, ensuring best in class deliverability.

DDoS Protection

We keep your site safe from hackers and miscreants by deploying DDoS protection through Cloudflare.