Initial Requirements

Here is a list of the vital requirements before we get started on your new competitions project.

Company & Website

  • Register your company
    The first step is to register with Companies House and get a company number.
  • Set up a business bank account
    It can be difficult to get a mainstream business bank account for your competition business. Cashplus is a quick and easy option. Barclays also accepts competition clients, but it can be a lengthier process.
  • Have a solid business plan
    Starting a business isn’t something anyone should do lightly. You need an overview of your business and marketing strategy outlining your goals, direction, finances and more. Conduct market research, competitor analysis, and check industry guidelines. overview of your business and marketing strategy.
  • Website domain name
    Decide which domain/URL you are going to use for your competition website and check that it is available. If you have not already purchased one, please choose GoDaddy as it will be easy for us to access.
  • Main email address for your business
    info@ or sales@ are common choices. If you don’t already have an email set-up, we recommend using Google Workspace to do this. You would then be able to access it just like a Gmail account, it’s easy to manage and starts at £4.14 a month.
  • Address for postal entries
    Ideally you’ll have a dedicated location or business address. Alternatively, you may want to set up a PO Box which directs mail to your address.
  • Company logo
    Already have a logo? Please obtain all design files for your logo. If a third-party is designing your logo, we will require the files in one or more of the following formats; .svg, .eps, .ai or high resolution jpeg or png. A favicon version of your logo will also be required in .ico format. If Zap are creating your logo we will need a logo brief from you in the onboarding form below.
  • Set up online payments
    We’ll introduce you to a payment provider who accepts new-start competition companies so that you can take payments through your website. Amongst other things, they will ask for: 

    • Proof of Principal/Director/Owner(s) ID
    • Proof of Principal/Director/Owner(s) address
    • Proof of trading address
    • Source of funds
    • Proof of prizes
  • Website and Competition Terms & Conditions
    We work with a lawyer who specialises in competition law and prize draws. We’ll link you to them to purchase Terms & Conditions for your website. A legal letter of advice from a lawyer is required to apply for an RMG license if you will be advertising on Facebook.

Web Design

  • Submit a design brief
    This will be for your website and your logo (if you’ve opted into our logo design service). Please make a note of your concepts, browse the internet and collect images, as well as links to / screenshots of other sites and logos you like. Let us know what you like about them.
  • Decide on a colour scheme
    Think about which colours best represent your brand identity.
  • Image and other media curation
    Get images for competitions and your website homepage. You need good, unique imagery for your website to stand out and for your marketing and promotions. You may also want to include other media, like videos, on your site.


  • Decide on launch prizes and competition details
    For each competition you will need:

    • Original photography, or stock, good quality images (no screenshots or copyrighted images)
    • Detailed Prize and Competition Description (Sell the prize and explain the competition!)
    • Ticket Price
    • Total Tickets (up to 20000)
    • Max Entries Per Person (up to 100)
    • Question and 3 answers
    • Competition End Date & Time
    • Competition Draw Date & Time
  • Social media pages
    Facebook and Instagram are popular platforms for promoting competitions and their prizes. You may also want to get set up on other social platforms depending on your target audience and your capacity to manage these accounts. Please set up these pages now yourself so you can start posting and managing your pages. People will not follow a new and empty page, so you should even post when you have 0 followers. Don’t even have a logo yet? You can make this a post: “Look at our new logo and brand coming to life, we’re so excited to get started”
  • Ad account set up
    If you are managing your own ads make sure you have your ad accounts set up, have the correct advertising licenses (RMG) and have the pixel codes ready to be dropped into your website. If we are helping with your marketing, please still set up a Facebook Page and a Business Manager Account.
  • Live Draws
    When your competition ends, you’ll need to choose and announce the winner. Make sure you have the set-up and ability to run a successful live draw.

Onboarding Document

Please fill out the form below, you can save and continue later. The form must be filled out in full and the above requirements complete before we can fully begin your project.