The First Company With Automated Instant Win Competitions

By Ross McDonald

Many competition businesses face the same challenge. How do you stop customers from waiting on the odds and entering prize draws sooner? Only selling the majority of your tickets in the final hours is stressful, but it’s not unavoidable!

With instant wins, you can incentivise your customers to buy earlier. “Play Now, Win Now” is your offer. And with a limited number of instant wins, the longer they wait, the fewer instant win prizes are available.

To help you manage your instant wins, we have developed a new plugin with the following features (exclusive to Zap customers only):

Add a list of instant win prizes to your competition – a mobile-friendly table is automatically added to the page.


Prizes can either be physical (e.g. cash or tech) or points (if you have the points and rewards plugin installed).


If a customer receives a winning ticket number, they are sent an email notifying them that they have won a prize. Any points won are automatically credited to the customer’s account.


When a customer wins a prize, an email notification is automatically sent to an email of your choosing that contains the prize and order information.


When a customer wins a prize, a draft winner post is automatically created and pre-populated with the prize details.


The admin dashboard contains a handy system for marking which prizes have been processed and which are yet to be sent to the customer.


Please get in touch if you want to know more about the Instant Win plugin.