Competition Plugins.

*Our plugins are not available as a standalone product and come as part of our complete web solutions service.

With our custom-built plugins, managing your website and competitions couldn’t be easier.

Where other plugins on the market are resource-heavy and unable to cope with an unexpected rise in the numbers of customers, we developed our competition plugins to be robust and reliable. With our expertise in designing and managing competition websites, as well as listening closely to feedback from our clients, we focused on how we could better support competition businesses*.

Our Zap Competition plugin, along with our Pop-up and Entry List plugins, will help keep your operations running smoothly by:

  • Reducing the amount of time spent on repetitive, yet important tasks, enabling you to redirect your attention to other areas of your business;
  • Deliver on high quality and seamless customer experience;
  • Drive ticket sales directly on your website;
  • Collect and analyse important data, helping you to better understand your customers and track your business’ performance.


*Our plugins are not available as a standalone product and come as part of our complete web solutions service. Please request a proposal if you would like to know about our services.

Zap Competition Plugin.

Our Zap Competition plugin is designed to automate important processes, including giving customers access to their tickets from their accounts and sending ticket information over email. Ticket numbers are randomised and our plugin guarantees no duplicates are given to customers. This makes it one of the best competition plugins available in the market and definitely worth the investment!

A full list of the plugin’s features is available below.


Zap Competition Plugin

Random Ticket Numbers

Users are automatically assigned random ticket numbers with our dedicated tickets database. Our unique database index ensures extra fast queries and it is impossible for duplicate ticket numbers to be assigned.

End Date/Time

Specify when your competition ends and the plugin will automatically close to new entries and display a link to the live draw.

Draw Date/Time

Specify when the live draw will take place and the plugin will automatically remove old competitions from the front-end of the website.

Manual Control

Manually assign tickets to users and they will receive their ticket number via email and under their ‘My Account’ section. You can also manually suspend ticket sales if necessary and display a message to the users as to why.

Maximum Ticket Numbers

Specify the maximum number of tickets available on each competition and also the maximum number of tickets per user.

Countdown Timer

Display a timer that counts down to the competition close date, encouraging your users to act fast! If you don’t want to display the countdown it can be disabled globally or on a per-competition basis.

Default Basket Quantity

Encourage users to buy more tickets by setting the default basket quantity. The user can still increase/decrease the number of tickets to add to their basket if they wish.

Ticket Count & Progress Bar

Display a running total of tickets sold and a progress bar showing remaining tickets updated in real-time, without the need to refresh the page. Don’t want to show the number of remaining tickets? Simply hide the ticket counter on a per-competition basis (ideal for cash draws).

Multiple Choice Entry Question

Ensure your competition meets the skill-based requirements by displaying a multiple choice question.

Export Results

You can export the results to a CSV spreadsheet. You have the ability to include correct answers only to allow you to use the CSV for your live draws or include all answers to enable you to keep a record of all entries to past competitions.

View Ticket Numbers

Users will receive their ticket numbers by email but will also be able to view them via their ‘My Account’ section on their website.

Rules and FAQs

A competition will display your default rules and FAQs as standard. If you need to customise these to suit a specific competition then you can use the override system to set custom rules and FAQs on a per-competition basis.

Health Check Tool.

We created the Health Check Tool to give you extra peace of mind. No system can be perfect and occasionally things can go wrong that are out of our control – be it your payment gateway playing up or a third party plugin gone awry. That’s where our Health Check Tool comes in! The tool checks the ticket database for possible issues so you can take action before the live draw.


Health Check Tool

Missing Tickets

Orders with tickets that don’t exist in the ticket database

User Issues

Tickets in the database without an associated order

Order Issues

Failed/cancelled orders that have been assigned a ticket

Orphaned Tickets

Users with more tickets than the competition allows

Expired Issues

(Coming Soon) Tickets that have been issued after the competition closes

Pop-up Plugin.

As well as promoting and driving ticket sales through social media and email, pop-ups can be added to your website to improve your conversion rates and encourage your visitors to stick around for longer.

We offer several types of pop-ups you can use on your competition website.


Pop-up Plugin

Cross-sell Pop-up

Maximise your sales by harnessing the power of the pop-up! The Cross-Sell pop-up allows you to trigger a popup that displays after the user adds tickets to their basket. This pop-up can show a featured or related competition that the user might also want to take part in.

You can also set a global pop-up that can be reused across multiple competitions or set a custom pop-up that is tailored towards a single competition.

Exit Pop-up

*Coming Soon*
Display a pop-up when the customer goes to leave the page. This can improve your website’s bounce rate (i.e. when a visitor goes to leave the site without interacting with anything on the page), as well as providing an additional and final opportunity to reach out to visitors.

Time Delay Pop-up

*Coming Soon*
Display a pop-up after a user has been on the page for a predefined time. This gives your visitors time to read about a competition and its prizes before reaching out to them with more promotions.

Entry List Plugin.

When it comes to online competitions, transparency is key to ensuring customer confidence and engagement. Use our Entry List plugin to display a list of all ticket numbers issued so customers can check they are on the list and be assured you are playing fair.


Entry List Plugin

PDF Entry List

Automatically generate a PDF list of all tickets when the competition closes. The entry list will automatically be displayed on the front-end of the website and can be included in marketing emails.

You can customise the PDF by setting your own colours, logo and link to facebook.

On-Site Entry List

*Coming Soon*
Display a searchable list of all tickets that can only be accessed by users who hold tickets in the competition.

Plugin & Website Maintenance.

As well as new features, we regularly update our plugins to keep them working efficiently and safely.

We can keep on top of all of this for you. Our support packages which include keeping the plugin and your website up to date enables you to benefit from any new features introduced, as well as other improvements made to our plugins. We will also keep a backup of your website in the event of any issues, and our developers will run regular tests and updates across WordPress. This ensures any bugs, security issues or incompatibilities are ironed out safely and properly.