We just wanted to reach out to you in regards to the correspondence received from Google Play Store in regards to the Android update.Thanks for your patience during this time while we confirmed a few solutions in regards to this issue. We have come up with the following to help with this:
  • Option 1 – Resubmission to Play Store
We can update the current app that you have, this would require a full re-submission to Play Store. Due to this there will be a fee for this (£350+VAT), but to manage expectations with this there is no way for us to guarantee that Google will approve the app, and if it is approved it may be removed from the App Store shortly after. With this option as it’s a full resubmission there is an opportunity to update your Play Store graphics if you wish which would then make the fee £750+VAT.
  • Option 2 – New PWA App
Our dev team has built an alternative option to combat the Google Play Store approval process. Introducing the Zap PWA App, it works exactly the same as the Play Store app, it works the exactly the same way. However it won’t be available on the Play Store but can be downloaded directly from your website. One of the other benefits is once built it’s available instantly and doesn’t require any approval process. If you would like some more information on this please let us know and we can send further details across to you. This is for our current customers who are experiencing this issue and will only have to pay a set up fee (£89+VAT?)Due to changes in the app process we will be introducing an annual maintenance fee to upkeep with any updates with Android and iOS this will range from £599+VAT – £1299+VAT. We will send more detailed information in regards to this in due course and will allow you to make a decision on the option that you would prefer to go with.